Who We Are?

Dj Lex

Dj Lex   Club/radio dj

Columbus GA

Alex Londoño (mejor conocido como dj Lex)
Nació en Panamá city Panama, desde niño siempre tubo pasión por la música , El vino en el año 1993, a los Estados Unidos empezó con su hermano a tocar música en house party , bodas, Quince años etc.

Desde el año 2005 su carrera como dj se expandió y empezó a dj en varias discotecas (nightclub) de la ciudad y ahora forma parte de la XONA MIX RADIO..


DJ Cue , real name is Alfredo “Chamuco ” Sterling Rowe , is a Mc  and Deejay.
DJ Cue was just a Panamanian kid from colon  named Alfredo Sterling “CHAMUCO”. Introduced to the art of music  at age 12, Cue  debuted his first Radio Station show , High School party and block party in the late 2000’s.After that, he moves to the US and quickly made a name for himself in the STATES club scene.
He is one of the original (open format dj) playing is Latin  Hits and Hip Hop blend  in different CLUB around the States ( Dc, Virginia,Maryland , Atlanta and Columbus GA).
In (2022) For the first time Cue has been  nominated DJ OF THE YEAR by Try-city  Hip Hop Awards.
After spotting growing CUE  was one of the first influential DJs to merge the Latin music  live on air in the city of Columbus ,currently co-hosts a Radio show  with DJLEX called (el Janqueo )on  La xona mix radio  .

Dj Manny

Manny M – DJ / Producer
Next Dimension Music, Ammo Recordings, HouseYouDown Los Angeles, CA Born and raised in the city of Los Angeles,
Manny M is no newcomer to the music scene. His musical journey began in the summer of 1994 and has been a consistent force within the house music scene since. Throughout the years, Manny M’s music career has spanned across North America, Canada & Mexico. From LA’s underground scene down to Miami beach nightclubs, and across the border into Mexico’s underground rave culture, his sound has blasted through the speakers late into the night. His west coast influenced, feel good, hands in the air vibes, makes his presence behind the decks unquestionably remarkable.

Dj alde